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Data Library

Here, TOA's Data Library equipped with a search engine offers its CAD drawings made out in pdf and dwg forms, EASE data, specification sheets, brochures, instruction and installation manuals, and a wealth of other product data for your downloading.

Speaker Mount Brackets


YS-13A Surface-Mounted Type


The YS-13A box allows exposed wall mounting of a power controller (E-80P and E-84P) or speaker controller (E-80S and E-84S) when such a device cannot be mounted in the wall. The box can also be installed on a desk using the supplied feet.

SP-131 Speaker Mount Bracket


The SP-131 can mount a wide horn speaker or horn speaker on a pole in conjunction with the optional YS-60B. It is comprised of two brackets. Note: For added safety, reinforce mounting brackets and mounting bands when installing a speaker in a location that will be exposed to significant vibration and/or strong wind. It is also recommended that the installed speaker, mounting brackets, and mounting bands be checked periodically to assess potentially dangerous excessive wear and/or loose connections.

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